Community Scholarships Information & Instructions

Last Updated: 12/30/2019 2:45 PM

Be sure to answer all questions completely.  Applications and supplemental materials are to be returned to School Counseling Office by 1/10/20.


Students must return a copy of the application and all supporting documents for each scholarship they want to be considered.  These Community Scholarships are intended for students who are planning to pursue post-secondary options for FALL 2020.


Please read carefully.  If materials are missing from your packet it will NOT be considered.  You must submit one completed set of materials for each scholarship that you wish to be considered.  It is your responsibility to make these copies.  Your set of materials must be stapled in the upper left corner and submitted in the following order.  DO NOT use plastic covers, binders, folders, envelopes, etc.



  1. Cover Sheet (View template)
  2. Community Scholarship Application (View application) (Instruction 2 below)
  3. Resume (Instruction 3 below)
  4. Letter of Recommendation (Instruction 4 below)
  5. Optional Information (Instruction 5 below)
  6. Required Vocational Essay (Instruction 6 below)
  7. Required Supplemental Materials (Instruction 7 below)
  8. Unofficial Transcript & Testing Page (Instruction 8 below)


INSTRUCTION 1:  Cover Sheet (View template) - Required

  • Must include name, phone number, E-mail address, student ID #, and scholarship applying to and must sign Provision Statement.                 


INSTRUCTION 2:  Community Scholarship Application (View application) - Required

  • A completed copy of the Community Scholarship Application is required for each scholarship that you wish to be considered.


INSTRUCTION 3:  Resume - Required
Use any format.  School Counseling Office does NOT keep record of previous awards, honors, etc.  Resume MUST include the following:             

  • Scholastic honors received or earned
  • Other honors received or earned (community, church, scouts, athletics, etc.)
  • Clubs and organizations you have belonged to, the number of years you belonged, and positions of leadership, if any (school, community, church, etc.)       
  • Part-time work and/or community volunteer experience you have done during the past three years (include employer, position, length of employment, and hours worked or volunteered)


INSTRUCTION 4:  One Letter of Recommendation - Required

  • Please provide one letter of recommendation from a teacher, administrator or non-relative unless otherwise specified within the criteria listing.  School counselors will NOT provide recommendations for scholarships.


INSTRUCTION 5:  Optional Information 

  • It is permissible to include a letter of explanation of any special circumstances, such as academic obstacles overcome or financial or family changes which you would like the committee to know.


INSTRUCTION 6:  Vocational Essay - Required
Note:  All students must complete the following essay in addition to all other required instructions.

  • Please attach a typewritten, double-spaced essay (300-500 words) stating why you have chosen to pursue your proposed occupation or vocation, what your present adult goals and objectives are, what you feel are your personal assets and strengths, and why you feel you are deserving of a scholarship to continue your education.


INSTRUCTION 7:  Required Supplemental Materials

  • See 2019-2020 Community Scholarship Listing for any additional required materials (if applicable).


INSTRUCTION 8:  Unofficial Transcript - Required

  • Upon completion of Instructions 1 – 7, students are asked to bring their scholarship packets to School Counseling Office where they will receive the appropriate number of Unofficial Transcripts and Testing Pages to attach to their Application packets.  Students will IMMEDIATELY submit these completed packets to School Counseling Office.  NOTE:  To avoid a long last minute wait, make every attempt to complete Instructions 1-7 promptly.

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