WCSD counseling team maintains social-emotional support for students through virtual offices

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To help connect Westerville students and families to social-emotional support services this year, the district’s counseling team set up virtual offices that aim to engage students while maintaining a semblance of a school environment.

Created by school counselors and mental health specialists, the virtual offices feature Bitmojis of these staff members and provide a variety of resources: audio files of books that cover social-emotional topics, posters with messages of support and encouragement, and links to mindfulness and relaxation activities. One virtual office, for instance, has a “calming corner,” where plants, posters, and other images are linked to a resource, activity, or audio to help students find peace. 

“This team wanted to get creative with how they could connect, communicate and still build social-emotional skills while in this remote environment,” said Tami Santa, coordinator, Student Well Being and Mental Health. 

Visit the virtual offices:

The district provides a variety of supports for student mental health/wellness, including school counselors in every building and licensed professionals throughout the district who are trained clinicians that provide assessment, education, counseling, and referral services in order to address student issues/concerns that may impact their well-being and/or academic performance. 

The district also has a strong partnership with Concord Counseling that can help families access various programs should they need support beyond what the schools are able to provide. 

The district also provides services and referrals regarding grief and bereavement, homelessness, emergency resources, district, local and national resources, and immediate support.  Learn more at https://www.wcsoh.org/WellBeing.