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Elementary School Guidance Counselor
Westerville City Schools
Alcott:            Monday-Thursday 797-7357
Longfellow:  Friday                      797-7180
The School Counseling program is an integral part of the total educational program and is designed to meet the needs of all students.
The goal of the School Counseling program is to help students, parents, and teachers develop positive learning experiences through:
1) Academic Counseling & Guidance,
2) Career Counseling & Guidance, and
3) Personal / Social Counseling & Guidance.

These are accomplished through the following activities:

Individual Counseling
Counseling is developmental and is designed to help students develop an understanding of themselves or others, define goals, and resolve conflict. I DO NOT do psychotherapy or other techniques used in a clinical setting or any that focus on mental illness. Students may self-refer by leaving a note in my mailbox or parents or teachers may request that I see a child to discuss a particular concern. I see students individually anywhere from one time to several weeks, depending on the topic. I do not see a student more than three times on one issue without contacting parents.

Group Counseling & Guidance
Sometimes students who share a common concern find it helpful to meet together to share ideas and support. Possible group topics are Grief, Divorce or Family Change, Social Skills, Friendship, Drugs / Alcohol Prevention, Violence Prevention, Problem-Solving, Anger, Study Skills, Career Exploration, and Classroom Issues. I do not place students in groups without parent permission.

Classroom Guidance
Guidance activities are designed to help students succeed and get along in the classroom. Guidance lessons are intended for all students and do not require students to reveal any personal information.

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