Last Updated: 2/5/2019 2:23 PM


The Westerville Board of Education believes that educational options should be made available to all students in the regular program of studies. Because the Board realizes that opportunities, experiences and/or activities that extend, enhance or supplement legitimate study may lie outside of the standard curriculum or the traditional school setting, certain educational options may be approved subject to this policy and parental approval.


The superintendent or designee may only approve educational options for students upon evidence that:

  • The parent has approved participation for any student under the age of eighteen.
  • An instructional plan that is based upon individual student needs is submitted prior to student participation. The instructional plan shall include:
    • Instructional objectives that align with the district’s curriculum requirements;
    • An outline that specifies instructional activities, materials, and environments;
    • A description of criteria and methods for assessing student performance.
  • The involvement of a guidance counselor and a teacher of record in reviewing the instructional plan.
  • The involvement of a teacher of record in providing or supervising instruction and evaluating student performance.

Academic credit for the educational option will be assigned according to student performance relative to the stated objectives of the educational option selected and shall be granted to the student upon successful completion of the program. The credit shall be placed on the student’s transcript. Credits earned from educational options may be counted toward graduation requirements in accordance with applicable State Law and Administrative Code.

Students who plan on participating in athletics at the Division I College Level should be aware that the credit flexibility test-out option will not be included as part of the NCAA Initial Eligibility Center’s qualifying core classes required for eligibility. Student athletes should consult the NCAA if they have any questions.

With the exception of programs identified by administration and annually approved by the Board, the Board shall require that any student who elects an educational option outside of the standard curriculum or the traditional school setting, shall bear the per pupil costs assessed by such programs/options. The exception to this will be specific programs that have been presented by the administration and approved by the Board. The Board may take into account the student’s level of need in establishing financial contribution levels.

The Board reserves the right to reconsider, on an annual basis, whether and to what extent there will be a contribution to such programs. The superintendent may develop administrative guidelines and forms necessary to facilitate the implementation of this policy.

For more information, please visit:  Credit Flexibility Information