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Heritage Alumna Abu Daramy-Swaray Inspires Pupils to Work Hard and Set Goals

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Heritage students embraced the positive message delivered by Abu Daramy-Swaray. 




Sixth grade students at Heritage Middle School recently heard a powerful message delivered by former Heritage pupil Abu Daramy-Swaray (who also attended Robert Frost and Westerville South High School).  They were first introduced to him through a video where they learned that the Colgate University Senior was born in Sierra Leone and had a difficult childhood.  His experiences led him to play football with passion and he shared his love of the game, love of his team and, most importantly, love of his family.  Daramy-Swaray spoke to Heritage students about finding their own passion, setting goals, and listening to teachers, coaches and parents who advise them. 

His lesson fit in perfectly with what Literacy Skills Classes have been studying, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students.  Habit 2, Begin with the End in Mind, is all about setting goals and making a plan for the future.  Pupils write personal mission statements to keep them focused on their home, school and life goals.  Learn more about Abu’s journey at .