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Heritage Olympics Create Sense of Community among Students and Staff

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Not lacking in enthusiasm, seventh grade Heritage teachers, along with Dr. Tomlin, totally embraced the spirit of the school Olympics by taking on the personas of fascinating Greek gods. 


At the beginning of each school year, Greek Mythology is a seventh grade cross-curriculum focus at Heritage Middle School.  The students enjoy learning about and studying different gods and goddesses in their social studies and language arts classes.  

Four years ago, Jake Thuman and Hailee Daugherty started an Olympic contest there in an effort to bolster school spirit by combining what pupils have learned about Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology.  This event has become a beloved rite of passage for students and staff, who compete enthusiastically in weeklong Greek Mythology-themed tasks that focus on different skills such as art, academics, and athletics.  Every pupil is encouraged to participate and feel successful by contributing to his or her team and the result has been shared learning and a great sense of community among seventh grade classes.  This year, Daugherty´s class won the Golden Torch and a pizza party.  Daugherty and Thuman praised the seventh grade teaching team for their excitement and devotion in getting all students involved and encouraging them to compete to the best of their ability.  “We could not do this without them,” they said.  “They are the best!”