Weekly Homework


Most weeks students will have questions assigned to them on Tenmarks.com and Schoology.  These online programs allow students to access school materials from anywhere there is an internet connection. Students will be given time each day during class to complete their Schoology and Tenmarks work, however students may require more time outside of the school days to complete all of their weekly work.  There is currently an application that can be downloaded for apple and droid where schoology can be accessed.  

Schoology can be accessed online at: https://westerville.schoology.com/login?&school=7113136

Tenmarks can be accessed at Tenmarks.com

 Students have their login information and if they are unable to login please email Mrs. Holland or Mr. McKinley so we can find the correct login information.


Weekly reading blog

Students are to read a minimum of 20 minutes each night and write at least 2 reading blog entrees on Schoology per week.  In addition to the blog entrees students must also comment on 2 other students blog entrees.