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      • GAG Flyer
        Students will show that they value physical activity by being a employee at the Genoa Active Gymnasium. They will develop a marketing campaign to increase gym membership over the next year. They will select any sport or activity and highlight the many benefits of active participation. Their flyer should tell how their sport or activity promotes health, social interaction, enjoyment, challenge, and self-expression. It is worth 12 points.
      • Genoa Physical Education Policy Sheet
        After you read over and discuss with your parent/guardian, both of you will sign then return to Mrs. Holman. Due Thursday/Friday. Thank you!
      • Physical Activity Log
        Students will log their physical activity for the week. The goal is to be active for 60 minutes or more for 5 of the 7 days. Students will write the activity in the first column, how long that activity lasted in the second and yes/no in the third. Please see activity log. Worth 5 points. Due September 12 for B day and September 13 for A day
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