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  • 3/19 Thursday


    1) Check your student email for a test email. Tomorrow I will be sending out a link for Google Hangouts. I'll send the link around 11:45 and we will start the hangout at 12

    2) Watch this video on How to Join Google Hangouts

    3) Make sure you have completed your work on Adaptations and Natural Selection on Schoology

  • 3/18 Wednesday


    I posted a video on Instagram@ciardelliscience about accessing the online textbook. I assigned each of you to classes so you have access to the 8th grade version.

    You should: complete the reading and questions on pages 358-369 of the book. Be ready for a small schoology assignment over evolution and adaptations coming out Friday.

    email me with quesitons.

    Don't forget to check Schoology for updates and assignments. 

  • 3/17 Tuesday

    Today you should read The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection pages 358-369 in our online textbook.

    How to Access our Online Textbook Tutorial

  • 3/16 Monday

    We will continue with evolution and take a look at how living things have changed over time.

    Today: Complete Evolution of the Horse w.s.

  • 3/13 Friday

    Today we:

    1) Checked Get Rollings

    2) Started talking about Natural Selection and Adaptations. We completed the Darwin's Finches worksheet first with slides 1-6 as we watched this Galapagos Finch Evolution video

  • 3/12 Thursday

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished our Carbon Dating Team Challenge

    2) Started evolution- check out these slides We discussed HOW we know that living things have changed over time- through the rock and fossil record. Each fossil provides a glimpse into what animal looked like, how it moved, what it ate etc and you can compare it to other living things through history. 

  • 3/11 Wednesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished the graph and analysis questions "Sweet Half Life" lab (see 3/10 Tuesday's log)

    2) Start the Carbon Dating Team Challenge

    Homework: finish the graph and the analysis questions

  • 3/11 Tuesday

    Today we:

    1) Checked homework (Interpreting Fossil Abudance on a Graph)

    2) Started The Sweet Half Life Lab (simulating Carbon-14 decay. Carbon 14 isotopes decay at a predictable rate: 50% decay and turn into Nitrogen-14 every 5,730 years)

  • 3/9 Monday

    1) Finish Fossil Record Lab questions with  your group

    2) Absolute Dating notes with these slides

    3) Start homework

    Homework: Interpreting Fossil Abundance on a Graph- I don't have a digital copy, check the bulletin board for another copy

  • 3/6 Friday


    1) Checked Fossils w.s. homework and Get Rolling

    2) Check our answers to Fossils w.s. homework

    3) Fossil Record Lab (we will finish on Monday)

  • 3/5 Thursday

    Today we:

    1) Checked and went over homework answers

    2) Completed a Relative Dating Team Challenge (see me to make this up)!!!!!

    Homework: Fossils w.s- this will require to you look up the definition for 3 words

  • 3/4 Wednesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished our Superposition Notes (see 3/3 Tuesday)

    2) Completed our Class Dig lab- we dug for fossils then worked together to put them in order.


    Homework: Relative Dating w.s.

  • 3/3

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished our Intro to Earth's History

    2) Started our Superposition notes with these Superposition slides

  • 3/2 Monday

    Today in class we:

    1) Started talking about Earth's history. How do we KNOW what the Earth looked like millions and even billions of years ago?

    2) Introduction to Earth's History

  • 2/28 Friday

    Today in class we:

    1) took the Erosion and Deposition unit test

    2) took the Geology pretest (not for a grade)

  • 2/26 Wednesday

    1) Glaicer Lab


    Homework: Erosion and Deposition test tomorrow!!!!!!

  • 2/25 Tuesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Presented our Glaciers Project

    2) Wrapped up or Topography Maps here are the answers to the Topography Maps Gizmo

    Homework: Erosion and Deposition Study Guide. Test Thursday!!

  • 2/24 Monday

    Today we:

    1) Finished our AR Sandbox (see Friday's log)

    2) Finished the Topography Gizmo (see Friday's log for a copy)


    Homework: start studying for the unit test Thursday. You will receive a review sheet tomorrow.

  • 2/21 Friday

    Today in class we:

    1) Watch the Introduction to Topography Maps video with these Introduction to Topography Notes that go with the video

    2) Completed the AR Sandbox w.s. and worked with the Augmented Reality Sandbox. This uses an XBox Kinnect and a projector to create topography maps in real time as you move the sand to help us understand the shape of the land and how topographic maps represent the Earth's surface

    3) Completed the Reading Topographic Maps Gizmo (use your student ID and password to access this). Complete the Student Exploration: Reading Topographic Maps Gizmo w.s.


    **Erosion and Deposition test Thursday. Students will receive a review. Start looking through your streams, glaciers and topography notes and vocabulary terms NOW!! Go back through all my logs on the website and go through slides. Print extra copies of worksheets and try to test yourself to start studying!!

  • 2/20 Thursday

    Today in class we:

    1) Worked on our Glaciers Project. Today is workday #2 and the project is due tomorrow.


    Homework: finish your Glaciers Project!!!!!

  • 2/19 Wednesday

    Today we:

    1) Had work day #1 on our Glaciers Project.

    GLACIERS PROJECT due Friday 2/21

  • 2/18 Tuesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished looking at how water changes the surface of the Earth through erosion and deposition (streams and rivers). You will need a copy of the Stream Anatomy notes that go with the Stream Anatomy slides

    2) Started our Glaciers Project (due Friday)


    Homework: make sure your Erosion and Deposition Station Schoology assignment is finished. Due by midnight tonight

  • 2/13 Thursday

    Today we:

    1) Went over all our Erosion and Deposition Stations with these slides to make sure you understand each station

    2) Complete The Erosion and Deposition Stations Schoology Assignment (on Schoology)

    Homework: Finish Erosion and Deposition Schoology assignment by Tuesday. USE YOUR NOTES!!!

  • 2/12 Wednesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Completed our last three Erosion and Deposition Stations- we will go over all the objectives at each station and all the analysis questions tomorrow

  • 2/11 Tuesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Took our vocabulary quiz (20 multiple choice and matching questions). See me if you were absent to make this up.

    2) Completed 2 Erosion/Deposition stations (see 2/10 log)

  • 2/10 Monday

    Today in class we:

    1) Went over vocabulary terms (click here for a copy of the terms defined- some are missing and some you do not need to know **see your list of 20 from 2/4)

    2) Started our Erosion and Deposition Stations you will need:

    - Stream Table Lab

    - Go With the Flow questions


  • 2/6 Thursday

    Today in class we:

    1) Regrouped after my sub

    2) Quick binder clean out- DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY. I will keep anything you don't want.

    3) Weathering Chalk Lab

    Homework-Vocab due tomorrow

  • 2/5 Wednesday

    I was out today, but while I was gone students started working on topography. There is nothing that needs to be made up


  • 2/4 Tuesday

    Today in class we:

    1)Went over frequently missed questions on yesterday's test (not fully graded yet)

    2) Finished taking the Erosion and Deposition pre-test

    3) Intro to our Erosion and Deposition Unit- 

          a) Watched this Erosion and Deposition Introductory Video

          b) Started our Vocabulary for the unit (this is due Friday)

  • 2/3 Monday

    Today we:

    1) Took our Plate Tectonics Unit Test

    2) Took the Erosion and Deposition pre-test (this is not for a grade, it helps me measure students' success)

  • 1/31 Friday

    Today in class we:

    1) Checked Get Rollings and looked at this Plate Tectonics Team Challenge together

    2) Played Review Basketball to review for Monday's test

    Study for Monday's test... go back through all my slides and your notes. As always focus on the relationship between all of these things. We are beyond just memorizing!!! 


  • 1/30 Thursday

    1) Watch this video on Triangulation

    2) Completed Locating the Epicenter of an Earthquake and practiced our triangulation skills.


    Plate Tectonics Test Monday!!!

  • 1/29 Wednesday

    1)We went over the analysis questions on the Seismic Waves and Travel Time Lab

    2) Seismic Wave Notes with Seismic Wave slides

    3) Locating the Epicenter of an Earthquake

    Here's a great video about Triangulation of Earthquakes


    Plate Tectonics Unit Test will be moved to Monday 2/3. We will need to finish triangulation of earthquakes (locating the epicenter) on Thursday and will review for the entire period on Friday. Ms. Bergmann created a Quizlet (see link on the right) for some of the terms we have used in the unit.

  • 1/28 Tuesday

    1) Finish analyzing data from the lab and answer questions


    **Fill out your study guide for test Friday** We may need to move the test to Monday. We didn't get through the lab today.

  • 1/28 Monday

    1)Finished Seismic Wave Travel (finish collecting data, calculating averages, graph data)

  • 1/24 Friday

    1) Checked homework (answers)

    2) Started our Seismic Waves and Time Travel Lab click here for the graphs for the lab. (this is a visual representation that Primary Waves move faster than S waves and both types of waves travel at different speeds as they move through the different layers of the Earth) 

    **Plate Tectonics Unit Test next Friday**

  • 1/23 Thursday

    1) Went over Defining Earthquakes

    2) Watched "Here's What an Earthquake Looks Like from Inside"

    3) Completed Recent Earthquakes Around the World with a partner

    Homework: Earthquakes and Seismic Waves w.s.

  • 1/22 Wednesday


    1) Finished our Tectonic Plate Movement Notes with slides (see Wednesday for a copy of the notes and the slides)

    2) Started Defining Earthquakes Scavenger Hunt-an introduction to earthquakes. Earthquakes are the movement through the earth caused as the plates shift, build up stress, then finally slip releasing energy that travels through the earth.


  • 1/21 Tuesday

    1) Discuss answers to "Hot Spots and Plate Movement Skill Builder"

    2) Pangea

    3) Tectonic Plate Movement notes with Tectonic Plate Movement slides

  • 1/17 Friday

    1) Check Get Rolling

    2) Hot Spot Coloring w.s.- explain and visualize how the Hawaiian Islands were formed

    3) Finish "Hot Spots and Plate Movement Skill Builder" w.s. 

  • 1/16 Thursday

    1) Look at commonly missed questions on the quiz

    2) Hot Spots- hot spots are intense areas of heat in the mantle that burn a hole in the bottom of the Earth's crust where magma pushes through to form islands (like Hawaiian Islands).

    3) Start "Hot Spots and Plate Movement Skill Builder"


  • 1/16 Wednesday

    1) Plate Tectonics quiz on Schoology

    2) Finish "Why do We Believe Tectonic Plate Move?" w.s.

  • 1/15 Tuesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Checked homework

    2) Started "Why We Believe Tectonic Plates Move" 


    Plate Tectonics Crossword-ANSWERS


  • 1/13 Monday

    Today in class we:

    1) Reviewed the Layers of the Earth and their densities (Crust, Mantle, Outer Core, Inner Core) and how they go from least dense/least pressure/coolest temperature to most dense/most pressure/hottest temperature

    2) Reviewed Convection Currents  

    Homework: Convection and the Mantle w.s.

    **Plate Tectonics quiz Wednesday** complete your crossword puzzle to study and look through all notes and previous slides we have done together in class.

  • 1/10 Friday

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished our Types of Plate Boundary Notes

    2) Completed "Prove It..." to show me that not only can you identify a convergent, divergent, and transform boundary, but you UNDERSTAND what is happening along each boundary and WHY

    Complete the Plate Tectonics Crossword (pick up a hard copy from me) as a review for the Plate Tectonics quiz. Quiz Wednesday over Plate Tectonics. Review your notes this weekend and the slides.

  • 1/6/20

    Happy New Year!

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished our Kung Fu Plate Tectonics Notes using the Kung Fu Plate Tectonics slides(as a review). This is a way to help them remember convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries.

    2) Started a more in depth look at the three types of plate boundaries with Types of Plate Boundary Slides that go with Types of Plate Boundary Notes

  • 12/17 Tuesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished our Plate Tectonics Doodle notes (see 12/16 log for a copy)

    2) Started the movie San Andreas about the Transform Boundary in California.

  • 12/16 Monday

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished the Mid Atlantic Ridge and Indian Plate Analysis with our groups using the maps. Then we checked our answers and went over any you didn't understand

    2)Started our Plate Tectonics Doodle Notes using these Plate Tectonic Notes slides

  • 12/13 Friday

    Today we:

    1) Checked homework

    2) Checked Get Rollings

    3) Completed a Plate Tectonics Team Challenge **(see me if you were not here to complete this)**

  • 12/12 Thursday

    I had a sub today. In class they:

    1) Read the four articles on Schoology about the New Zealand volcanic eruption

    2) Filled out the "What do you Think" worksheet to summarize the articles and formulate their own opinions. This is due tomorrow.

    Homework: Seafloor Spreading reading and How is New Seafloor Created w.s.

  • 12/11 Wednesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Watched current news stories about the volcanic eruption in New Zealand

    2) Checked our Pacific Plate Characteristics

    3) Started the Mid Atlantic Ridge Analysis and Indian Plate Analysis (see Monday's log for a copy of the handout and the maps)

  • 12/10 Tuesday


    Today we

    1) Spent quite a bit of time watching the news and leaning about the volcanic eruption in New Zealand which is located directly on the plate boundary where the Australian and Pacific plates meet.

    2) Day 3 Check Finish the Pacific Plate analysis characteristic chart


  • 12/9 Monday

    Today we:

    1) Began analyzing what is happening along certain plate boundaries. This requires students to look at four different maps (and understand what each map is showing you) to start classifying patterns of characteristics along each boundary

    Nazca and Pacific Plate Characteristic Checklist

    Plate Boundary Maps

  • 12/4 Wednesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Took the Potential Energy Test on Schoology

    2) Took the Plate Tectonics Pretest (not for a grade)

    3) Finished Pie Slice of the Earth

  • 12/3 Tuesday

    Today we:

    1) Pie Slice of the Earth- **you will need to come get a hard copy because I don't have the digital copy***

    We started our next unit- (Plate Tectonics). We talked about how we know what is inside the Earth and learned what the Earth is of from the crust to the inner core. 



  • 12/2 Monday

    Today we:

    1) Reviewed for our Potential Energy Test by playing Jeopardy

    ***The PE Test has been moved to Wednesday 12/4**

  • 11/25 Monday

    Today in class we:

    1)Started Chemical Potential Energy (CPE) with our Chemical Potential Energy Lab chemical potential energy is energy stored in the chemical bonds of substances waiting to do work. Studying the temperature change will tell you which substances had more CPE (exothermic vs. endothermic reacitons).

  • 11/22 Friday

    Today we:

    1) Checked Get Rollings and turned in our food labels

    2) Electrical Potential Energy lab (studying how the interaction between charges and the distance between them affects the amount of potential energy they have)

    3) Filled in our PE Graphic Organizer for ElcPE

  • 11/21 Thursday

    Today in class we:

    1) Went over the MPE Lab

    2) Completed our Electrical Potential Energy (EcPE) notes with these slides 

    Homework: bring in nutrition labels of your breakfast foods due tomorrow!!!

  • 11/20 Wednesday

    1) MPE Lab (Studying how the mass of the magnet affects the MPE. The larger the magnetic field, the larger the PE of the magnet)

    Homework: finish lab questions if not done. Bring in a nutrition label from any breakfast food by Friday

  • 11/19 Tuesday

    1) Go over the Force and Motion Unit test. Here we discussed what you missed and the best answers

    2)Magnetic Potential Energy reading (done in class together)

    3) Completed the MPE section of our PE Graphic Organizer

  • 11/18 Monday

    1) Finish Straw Rockets Lab (graphing data and answering questions)

    2) Go over as a group and take notes as we answer the questions

  • 11/15 Friday

    1) Check Get Rolling

    2) Straw Rocket Lab- this shows the energy conversions between Gravitational PE (GPE), kinetic energy (KE), and Elastic PE (EPE)

  • 11/14 Thursday

    1) Check homework (PE vs. KE w.s.)

    2)Elastic Potential Energy reading w.s.

    3) Potential Energy (PE) Graphic Organizer (GO) for GPE 

  • 11/12 Tuesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Checked homework (Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy Reading w.s.)

    2) Started our Energy Skate Park Lab- this is a simulation where a skateboarder skates up and down a "half pipe" and you can watch their potential energy (PE) and kinetic energy (KE) change as their height off the ground changes. We will be studying "how does height affect PE and how does height affect KE?"

    Homework: Finish the graph for PE and KE

  • 11/11 Monday


    Today in class we took our Forces and Motion Unit Test! (see me to make this up if you were absent)


    Homework: Kinetic and Potential Energy Reading w.s 

  • 11/8 Friday

    Today in class we:

    1) Played Kahoot to review for our Forces and Motion Test

    Here's the link to play the Kahoot over the weekend;

    Pin to play: 0144885




  • 11/6 Wednesday

    It was good to finally be back (I was out Monday)

    Today in class we:

    1) Did a team challenge called "Design a Motor" where students were given a battery, wire, a magnet and some other materials and were asked to use their previous knowledge about electric force, magnetic fields to design a motor.


    FORCES AND MOTION TEST MONDAY!!!!! You should be completing your review sheet, looking through old Logs, going through any slides I posted and reviewing your notes. We will review in class on Friday.

  • 10/30 Wednesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Turned in our Student-Led Conference Portfolios

    2)Finished our Electrical Force Notes (see me for a copy) using these slides

    3) Finished part one of Electrical Cans

  • 10/28 Monday

    Today in class we:

    1) How do Materials Become Charged? Lab- this helps us discover how electrons move from one object to another, giving it a "net charge". Electrons are not gained or lost, they only move from one object to another.


    Homework: IF YOU DID NOT COME TO CONFERENCES go through your portfolio with your parents and have them sign the signature sheet. Due Wednesday

  • 10/23 Wednesday Log

    Today in class we

    1) Checked our Student Led Conference Portfolio Reflections

    2) Continued studying our last non-contact force Electric Charge with our lab Can Objects be Charged?


    See you at conferences!

  • 10/21 Monday

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished How does an Electromagnet Work? using these slides (click here for the slides)


  • 10/17 Thursday

    Today in class we:

    1) Handed back graded Venn Diagram's (see me to make this up if you were absent yesterday) and went over correct answers

    2) Started electromagnetism with out "How Does an Electromagnet Work?" lab

  • 10/16 Wednesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Wrapped up magnetism by finishing our "Can you MAKE a magnet" lab 

    2) Discussed Magnetic Fields (an how they can be disrupted)

    3) Compared Gravity and Magnetism using this Venn Diagram. This was done as a group and submitted together. We will go over these in class tomorrow. If you were absent, please make sure you print or get a copy and submit this to me!!!

  • 10/11 Friday

    Today I had a sub, but we:

    1) Checked our Get Rolling

    2) free experimentation/play with magnets

    3) watched Bill Nye Magnetism

  • 10/10 Thursday

    Today in class we

    1) Finished our Magnetic Field lab (helps show us what this invisible force looks like using iron filings)

  • 10/8 Tuesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Took our Forces and Motion quiz (see me to make this up)!!!!!

  • 10/7 Monday

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished our Forces and Motion Review Notes. Click here for the slides

    2) Played Kahoot to review for the quiz.

    Forces and Motion quiz tomorrow!

  • 10/4 Friday

    Today in class we:

    1)Checked Get Rollings

    2) Completed a "Gravity Manipulative Challenge" you can check out the slides here

    3) Continued our Force and Motion Notes to review the unit. 


    Homework:Gravity Schoology Assignment is due by midnight!

    Force and Motion quiz Tuesday


  • 10/3 Thursday

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished the Universal Law of Attraction lab- using different size magnets and holding them at different distances we can FEEL that mass and distance both affect the force of attraction and study the patterns of HOW they affect the force.

    2) Started reviewing our entire unit (Force and Motion Quiz TUESDAY). This is a way to get all of our information in one place to help summarize what we have learned. Click here for the notes. Click here to view the slides for the notes.

  • 10/2 Wednesday

    Today in class we:


    (2nd and 3rd period only) 1) Finish the Gravity Force Lab- to reinforce that mass affects the force of attraction (what you do to the mass, you also do to the force) and also reinforce that distance oppositely affects the force and EXPONENTIALLY

    (all classes) 2) Universal Law of Gravitation Lab- feeling the force of gravity using magnets. The mass of the magnet makes the force stronger. Holding the magnets far apart decreases the force of attraction. Holding them close together makes the force of attraction strong!!


    **Gravity Assignment on Schoology due Friday**

  • 10/1 Tuesday

    Today in class we:

    1) Finished the Force of Gravity lab simulations

    2) Check your answers for the Gravity Force lab here

    Homework: Answer the "Gravity Assignment" Schoology questions by Friday

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