Middle Schools Compete in Ohio Math League

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Math classes from each grade level in Westerville’s four middle schools were invited to compete in the Ohio Math League Contest (http://www.themathleague.com).  Formed in 1977, Math League has more than one million students participate in contests each year.  Contest questions are designed to cover a range of mathematical knowledge for each grade level.  Scores are reported against other middle schools in the state as all as in a regional area.

The top five scores compiled from the participating classes at each grade level in each middle school have been submitted.  State rankings are pending and post in late May.

Representing Blendon are:

  • Grade 6:  Alexandria Bui (top scorer), Anthony Vilardo, Eli Williams, Brydon Ratliff, and Lauren Harris.  (Teachers are Beth Wiand and Cynthia Shimovetz.)
  • Grade 7:  Megan Banks (top scorer), Ian Anderson, Brandon Allbritton, Meghan Bame, and Jacob Boyer.  (Teachers are Beth Wiand and Bobby Weimer.)
  • Grade 8:  Christopher Heermann (top scorer), Jonathan “Jack” Gagnon, Will Grace, Devin Kellar, and David Wang.  (Teachers are Tracey Kearnes and Bobby Weimer.)

Representing Genoa are:

  • Grade 6:  Remington Schultz (top scorer), Kendel Seabury, Adriane Thompson, Stephanie Carson, and Zachary Mackin.  (Teacher is Katie Paolini.)
  • Grade 7:  Colin Curran (top scorer), Carly Zinnecker, Camron Hubble, Haley Kuproski, Jacob Shalvey and Ethan Skinner.  (Teachers are Katie Paolini and William Housel.)
  • Grade 8:  Jack McLean (top scorer), Jacob Rich, Matt Shallenberger, Sean Osborne, and Ian McGee.  (Teacher is William Housel.)

Representing Heritage are:

  • Grade 6:  Simon Vozar (top scorer), Cooper Crawford, Huy Vu, Bashir Muse, and Isaac Severing.  (Teachers are James Dean and Vanessa Williams.)
  • Grade 7:  Adam Wartel (top scorer), Tuyen Quan, Andrew Rubadue, Kyra Welch, Rachel Slaybaugh, and Ryan Bentivegna.  (Teacher is James Dean).
  • Grade 8:  Kent Kamau (top scorer), Abigail Corbett, Gabrielle Cochran, Nathaniel Kinser, Martin Haas, and Frances Gordish.  (Teacher is Chelsie House). 

Representing Walnut Springs are:

  • Grade 6:  Payton Hilling (top scorer), Owen Lewis, Taweh Hunter, Noah Polak, and Erica Fite.  (Teacher is Melynda Amrine.)
  • Grade 7:  Seth Chrisman (top scorer), Makaela Lucarelli, Nicholas Thompson, Hunter Flading, and Levi Rupp.  (Teacher is Melynda Amrine.)
  • Grade 8:  Lillian Craig (top scorer), Jason Brown, Shelby Wollam, Nathan Forrest, and Jason Li.  (Teacher is Ned Kerstetter.)

Also earning notable scores from Walnut Springs on the sixth grade test were two fifth grade students accelerated in math – Thomas Stathulis, who is taught by Maria Zahran; and James Gooding, who is taught by Melynda Amrine.