Westerville School Employees Gather for 2013-2014 Convocation

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Westerville Superintendent John Kellogg stressed the importance of innovative instructional practice during his Convocation address to faculty and staff. 



Faculty and staff at Westerville City Schools gathered in the gymnasium at Westerville Central High School on August 12 for two Convocation sessions, in celebration of past accomplishments and to frame an appreciation of what the district’s Mission, Vision and Values mean in day-to-day work with students. 

Jessica Skogland (South) and Sophie Volpe (North) led the crowd in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and Central’s marching band performed the National Anthem.  Board members Kristi Robbins and Denise Pope thanked the employees for the work they have done and the work they will do to “guide our students to success.”  Also extending greetings were Rhonda Gilpin, WEA president; Wanda Myers, WESSA president; Ron Duckworth, OAPSE Local #138 and Shirley Timberlake, OAPSE Local #719.  David Baker, Executive Director of Elementary Academic Affairs, and Scott Reeves, Executive Director of Secondary Academic Affairs, spoke about their hopes and aspirations for the coming school year, and introduced video messages from principals and various department representatives.

Dr. John Kellogg, Superintendent, concluded the session by imparting good news.  While the final tabulations for the 2012-2013 Local Report Card are not complete, it is known that Westerville City Schools met every Performance Indicator and should have a Performance Index score of 102.8.  “The work of our staff last year was instrumental in sustaining the high level of academic achievement that is part of the Westerville City School District heritage,” he said.  Dr. Kellogg went on to discuss his thoughts about the formulation of a new strategic planning process, urging everyone to participate, and sharing his philosophy that the district’s primary focus should be on innovative instructional practice.