Community Engagement Business Advisory Committee

Persons interested in participating on a new Community Engagement Business Advisory Committee (BAC) of the Westerville City School District are invited to submit an application for membership. The primary focus of the committee is to foster connections across the community and build a collaborative culture that supports the district’s efforts to create 21st Century Schools. Committee goals will be achieved through the open and honest exchange of ideas with constituents.

Members of the BAC will serve one initial 12-month term and, as desired by the Board, 1-year renewal terms thereafter. The size of the committee will be capped at 15 participants with the desired composition as follows:

  1. The Superintendent of Westerville City Schools or his/her delegate;
  2. One additional WCS administrator as appointed by the Superintendent;
  3. Five Westerville School District staff and/or faculty;
  4. Eight community members, ideally representing the following groups: Households without school age children; retired individuals; parents whose oldest child is in grades K-5 of the district; parents with one or more K-8 children in the district; parents with one or more 9-12 children in the district; civic groups or service organizations (member may or may not reside within the district); individuals who either work or own a business in the district (member may or may not reside within the district); individuals with other ties to Westerville such as religious or higher education affiliations

If an insufficient number of district employees apply, the Superintendent will solicit principals for nominations from which final selection will occur through the same process applicable to community members. All members other than the Superintendent and his appointees serve on the CEC voluntarily.

Additional duties and responsibilities of committee members, as well as the membership application, are available in the right-hand margin of this page. The first meeting of the committee is anticipated to occur no later than April 19, 2012. Future committee meeting dates and times will be established during this initial meeting. The deadline to apply for membership is March 16, 2012.