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Elementary Academic Affairs

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Barbara Wallace
Executive Director, Elementary Academic Affairs

Krista Eisenman, Secretary
(614) 797-5934 / Fax:  (614) 797-5901

Linda Cannon, Executive Assistant
(614) 797-5751 / Fax:  (614) 797-5701

Responsible for supervision of the elementary school programs and administrators, including the district's Magnet Program.

In coordination with building principals, Elementary Academic Affairs identifies and implements instructional strategies and practices based on an analysis of student achievement and growth data, ensuring the improvement of instructional skills while developing and maintaining the best possible educational program for elementary students in Westerville City Schools.

Elementary Academic Affairs also oversees the following areas:                                                    

If you have any questions at all regarding the elementary programming in Westerville City Schools, you are encouraged to contact your assigned elementary building.  Classroom-level questions or concerns should be directed first to the classroom teacher and then to the appropriate principal.  Building-level concerns should be addressed first by the appropriate elementary principal. All other questions may be addressed to Elementary Academic Affairs.