Gifted Education

Picture of Vicki Jarrell
Vicki Jarrell
Coordinator, Gifted

Diane Santilli, Secretary
(614) 797-5887

This office is responsible for identifying and working to meet the needs of our gifted students by developing, delivering and encouraging ability-appropriate academic challenges as well as social/emotional support for the student.


Gifted Education Staff

Vicki Jarrell, District Coordinator of Gifted Services

Laurel Preston, Elementary Gifted Facilitator
Kristina Hunter, Elementary Gifted Facilitator
Janet Carlson, Elementary Gifted Facilitator
Angie Heath, Elementary Gifted Facilitator

Lisa Huelskamp, Middle School Facilitator, Blendon and Walnut Springs, gr. 6-8
Debbie Pellington, Middle School Facilitator, Genoa and Heritage gr. 6-8
Jenny Findell, Gifted Self-Contained Classroom, gr. 5
Mara Clark, Gifted Self-Contained Classroom, gr. 4
Theresa Bledsoe, Gifted Self-Contained Classroom, gr. 4
Beth Dalin, Gifted Self-Contained Classroom, gr. 3

High School Academic Advisors

Leslie Baumann, Westerville North
Monica Johnson, Westerville Central
Jennifer Stovall, Westerville South