Intervention Assistance

Under the direction of the Office of Assessment and Alternative Education, Intervention Assistance is responsible for the following services: 

Educational Options for Success (EOS)

An alternative high school program serving the needs of students who have been expelled, are over age and under-credited, and/or who have dropped out or are considering dropping out of school.

Partnership with Concord Counseling

A mental health outreach program in which students and families may receive assessment and consultation services. The Community Prevention Program (CPP) focuses upon the elementary grades, and the At School Assistance Program (ASAP) serves both the middle and high schools.

Student Assistance Program

High school mental health counselors provide assessment, education, counseling, and referral services in order to address student issues/concerns that may negatively impact academic performance.

Franklin County Safe and Drug Free School Consortium

A partnership in which the district benefits by collaborating with other school districts in Franklin County in order to create shared student/parent programming (e.g., Saturday Family Workshop, HABIT), professional staff development, and the triennial administration of the Primary Prevention Attitude and Usage Survey (PPAAUS) to students in grades 6 through 12.