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Update 04-03-2020

Dear WCSD Families:

Last week I shared with you that we would begin distributing additional Chromebooks next week at curbside drive-up locations. On Monday, April 6, and Tuesday, April 7, curbside pickup of Chromebooks will be available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and again at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the following locations:

  • Huber Ridge Elementary (5757 Buenos Aires Blvd.)
  • Wilder Elementary (6375 Goldfinch Dr.)
  • Walnut Springs Middle (888 E. Walnut St.)
  • Genoa Middle (5948 Old 3C Highway)

Chromebooks are being provided one per household on a first-come, first-served basis. We continue to ask that you give careful consideration to whether you actually “need” a device, or if having an additional device is more of a convenience.

Since announcing this initiative, a few individuals have wondered why we’re not providing a device to every student like some other school districts. Simply put, we are not a "one-to-one" district where there is at least one device for every student. In such districts, students are typically permitted to take their devices home during the school year as well.

We are partway through our initiative to become a one-to-one district. As of now, we have a little better than one device for every two students. Additionally, our devices are not "portable" as you would find in one-to-one districts that allow students to take their Chromebooks home throughout the year. Our devices are stored and charged in mobile cabinets, which allows us to move them within the school where needed. In order to make it possible to send these devices home with students, we must disassemble the cabinet interior and wiring to remove the chargers.

We realize not every student or family is going to need a device, and that’s why we're asking people to be judicious in determining their actual need. If we run out of available Chromebooks during next week's distribution but people continue arriving to receive a device, we will take their information and work to get them one as soon as possible. We pledge to continue to find ways to meet the demand for this technology.

Our goal through this initiative is to provide devices to those who need them the most, but also to avoid breaking down additional storage and charging cabinets unless absolutely necessary. Thank you for your continued understanding and support as we strive to meet the needs of our students and families during these challenging times.

Dr. John R. Kellogg



Update 03-30-2020

Dear WCSD Families:

This afternoon, Governor DeWine ordered schools to be closed through May 1. He also said that he would evaluate circumstances at that time to determine if schools should remain closed beyond that date, noting that even though school buildings are closed, teaching and learning is still going on. 

As a result, our district is transitioning from its current short-term plan to one that extends through May 1. We will continue to maintain our meal delivery support to specific portions of our community as identified by USDA guidelines. Our instructional staff will continue to develop lesson activities, including more detailed information and resources related to digital instruction. Please keep monitoring your email and district website as we soon will be communicating additional information regarding the continued long-term instruction of children. 

This is new territory for everyone. I'm sure you have many questions about how everything is going to work over the coming weeks, and I wish we could provide you with all of the answers right now. Please know, however, that we have a team of people who have been working, and will continue to work on all of these details. Tonight, however, we simply wanted to make sure our families were aware of the Governor's recent decision, encourage you to keep yourself and your family safe, and restate our commitment to educating your children during these unprecedented times. Thank you in advance for your continued patience and understanding.

Dr. John R. Kellogg



Update 03-26-2020

Dear WCSD Families:

The Ohio General Assembly recently passed legislation that addresses several educational matters during this public health crisis. The Governor is expected to sign the bill into law soon. In summary, the following education-related changes impacting families will take effect immediately upon the Governor’s signature:

  • State and federal testing is eliminated for the 2019-2020 school year;
  • State report cards will not be issued for the 2019-2020 school year (note that these are the state-issued report cards for schools and school districts, not student report cards);
  • The EdChoice voucher program supporting private schools is frozen at 2019-2020 eligibility levels;
  • Third-grade reading guarantee retention requirements are waived;
  • Schools can grant high school diplomas to students on track to graduate and for whom the principal determines that the student has successfully completed the curriculum;
  • Individuals with appropriate state licenses are allowed to provide services electronically or via telehealth communication to students with special needs;
  • Boards of education may use electronic communication for in-person meetings and hearings during the emergency period, but not later than Dec. 1, 2020;
  • School districts may use distance learning to make up any number of days or hours necessary to meet minimum instructional hour requirements.

Please know that we will continue to communicate any other important details regarding these matters as we learn more about what this legislation means for our students and families.

Dr. John R. Kellogg