Replacement Levy Information

The Westerville City School District Board of Education on May 9, 2016, unanimously voted to place a “Substitute Emergency Levy” on the November 8, 2016, General Election ballot. Prior to making this decision, a community-led Fiscal Review Committee examined district finances and explored options to maintain the long-term financial health of our schools. The committee recommended that a replacement issue on the November 2016 ballot should be structured as a permanent Substitute Emergency Levy due to the benefits this type of issue offers to both the district and taxpayers.
This type of levy would not be a new tax to the community because it “substitutes” the March 2012 five-year emergency operating levy when it expires at the end of 2017. Approval of the issue would allow the district to continue collecting the same revenue already on the books. However, unlike other operating issues, the Substitute Emergency Levy allows our schools to receive additional revenue from new construction in the district. 

Because the district would be able to receive additional revenue when new homes and businesses are built, a Substitute Emergency Levy can actually stretch the time until the Board would need to ask residents to approve a new operating tax. The committee also noted that even though the State of Ohio recently eliminated property tax rollbacks on new levies, a Substitute Emergency Levy would retain the property tax rollback provision for residents. Allowing the levy to expire and requesting new millage in the future would not.
This page will be updated regularly to provide information to residents about this issue and other financial developments. Please use the link to the right if you would like to share your thoughts about this ballot appearance and offer questions the district may wish to address in subsequent communication about this referendum. We appreciate and value your input!