Extra Credit Assignment at Westerville Central Yields Spectacular Results

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Each year Westerville Central High School, English Language Arts instructor Natalie Taylor offer incentives (extra credit or fabulous prizes) for all of her students in Honors English I and British Literature as an incentive to participate in a reading and writing contest over spring break.  The premise is that they must take a picture of themselves reading during their time off from school and compose a written response detailing how the text they are reading in the picture lines up with the way the photo was taken (place, angle, choice of background, etc.).  It turns out to be a fascinating project each year not just because the students travel to some wonderful destinations over break, but also because it requires creativity, thought and usually connects to a passion for reading or at least to a particular book.  Those who don’t travel can do so by reading.  Parents get involved too by helping brainstorm ideas and orchestrating the shots.  Taylor also selects a panel of judges each year to examine the photos and written descriptions to determine winners in various categories.  “Over the years, it has become pretty competitive and I’m always blown away by what they submit,” Taylor mused.