Educational Options for Success (EOS)

The Educational Options for Success (EOS) program is an alternative high school program serving the needs of students who have been expelled, are overage and under-credited, and/or who have dropped out or are considering dropping out of school. The EOS staff consists of a program manager, a counselor, and four classroom teachers. The primary goal for each student is to facilitate successful school completion through the application of evidence-based instructional practices and the development of skills students can use to be successful within both the school and community environments they will face upon their transition from the EOS program.

The program incorporates a self-paced technology-based curriculum, counseling support services, community service, and family outreach in order to facilitate school completion. Students participate on a voluntary basis and agree to maintain regular attendance, consistent progress toward school completion, and strict adherence to the student code of conduct/established expectations. Weekly progress monitoring by the staff is also used in order to provide consistent feedback to both the student and his/her parent/s.

For more information regarding the EOS program, contact Dr. Scott Ebbrecht, program manager or Adam Rex, EOS program counselor at 797-7750.