Special Education

Guerdie Glass, Director Special Education
Guerdie Glass
Director, Special Education

Teresa Wood, Secretary
(614) 797-5900

This office oversees the identification of students with disabilities, as well as the implementation of programs and services to meet their educational needs.

Special Education - (614) 797-5900
Special Needs Preschool - (614) 797-5903
Fax - (614) 797-5901


Special Education Coordinators
The Special Education Coordinators below are assigned to buildings as indicated. Most of the Coordinators also assume additional administrative responsibilities for the district, including Transition Coordination, Alternate Assessment oversight, Autism Scholarship Coordination, etc. If you have a question specific to one of these areas, please first contact your child's building coordinator.

Shelly Beard, Special Education Coordinator for McVay, Pointview & Heritage M.S.

Adam Flugge, Special Educator Coordinator for Annehurst, Cherrington, Wilder & Blendon M.S.

Jill Fogel, Special Education Coordinator for Mark Twain, Robert Frost & Genoa M.S.

Elizabeth Jelkin, Special Education Coordinator for Fouse, Emerson, Longfellow & South H.S.

Suzanne Kile, Preschool Director

Lisa Smith, Special Education Coordinator for Hawthorne & North H.S.

Lindy Whitson, Special Education Coordinator for Huber Ridge, Whittier, & Walnut Springs M.S.

Jennifer Winters, Special Education Coordinator for Alcott, Hanby, & Central H.S.

Special Education Support Staff

Amanda Chiles, Parent Mentor
           -  Parent Mentors of Ohio Program

Erin Bopp, Psychologist Secretary

Angie Goff, Secretary 

Amy Kennedy, Preschool Secretary

Joyce Michael, Secretary

Allison Poynter, Secretary

Doris Ross Pickens, Preschool Secretary



This administrative department is either not active or does not exist.