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Kendall Harris


Hello Bulldog Families!

Congratulations to all of our students on the completion of a successful first quarter! Another record number of students will participate in the Q1 Renaissance Celebration!

Going into our second quarter, we were excited to introduce a new program that targets our 7th graders as well as 8th graders who are not designated WEB Leaders. Our first of six Student Personal Development sessions, held on November 1st, was a great success! The purpose of a Student Personal Development program is to provide our students with opportunities to participate in hands-on, educational (& fun!) experiences that engage them in actively learning new skills or developing new areas of interest.

Each session is developed and guided by our amazing, talented staff. Students are able to select from a range of sessions with themes like cooking & baking, budgeting & finance, body weight workouts, volleyball, and even learning how to write in cursive. Students may not always get their first choice of activity, but the same options will be repeated in future sessions to provide everyone with a chance to participate in a variety of activities.

While our 7th and 8th grade students attend Student Personal Development sessions, our 6th grade students get the opportunity to reconnect with their 8th grade WEB Leaders. With school counselor guidance, WEB Leaders will lead these sessions especially developed for the 6th grade students. 

To accommodate these monthly sessions, the regular class schedule is shortened to allow one period at the end of the day for Student Personal Development activities. We hope you will check in with your student each time we hold these sessions to find out what new interest he or she may have developed!

Families play an important role in helping our students reach their goals too. If you were unable to attend student-led conferences, I encourage you to contact your student’s teachers to follow up on his or her academic progress. Our teachers, as well as our school counselors are committed to working as a team to make sure Blendon students reach their full potential.

Finally, let’s congratulate the Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country teams on a winning fall season! We look forward to showing our Bulldog Pride throughout the upcoming winter season in Boys & Girls Basketball and Wrestling. Special thanks to our fall and winter Cheer Teams!

Go Blendon Bulldogs!























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