Building Information

Alcott Elementary
7117 Mount Royal Ave.
Westerville, OH 43082-8392
Earl Rahm
Important Numbers:
Main Office

Instructional Hours:

Grades 1-5 / All Day Kindergarten

9:10 AM - 3:35 PM

AM Kindergarten 9:10 AM - 11:50 AM  

PM Kindergarten 12:55 PM - 3:35 PM     

Office  Hours:  8:30 AM - 4:00 PM


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Alcott Building Staff Picture for the 2016-2017 School Year

The Alcott Staff welcome you to our school website.


Mission Statement

Alcott Elementary is a learning community committed to empowering its citizens with respect, responsibility and Academic Excellence.

Guidelines for Student Success

The Alcott Five

Am I following directions?

Am I showing respect for myself, my school, and others?

Am I using acceptable language?

Am I keeping my hands and feet to myself?

Am I prepared to learn?

Statement of Staff Beliefs

We believe students, parents, school personnel and community all have a shared responsibility for student learning.

Every student is an important individual with his/her own intellectual, emotional, and social needs.

We believe that learning is best achieved in a safe and caring environment.

The Alcott learning community views inappropriate behaviors as “teachable moments” and uses these opportunities for guidance rather than punishment. 

We believe there is immeasurable value in creativity, the arts and healthy physical activity.

By working together with each other in the Alcott learning community, we believe we can make a positive difference in our students’ lives.  



Legendary Commitment - Legendary Work Ethic - Legendary Kindness

Cultivating students moxie and developing growth mindset learners

Alcott Elementary